“In 2011, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and was told that only 55% of patients survive the first 10 years with treatment and medication. As a mother, this news was devastating and I allowed it to consume me for 3 years. Once I turned 40, I decided to make a serious change in my nutrition and workout regimen (I had spent the last 18 years on a couch, not moving).
In 2014, I was able to lose 13% of my body fat within the first 3 months of the year and then fell into that dreaded trap called the “plateau.” For several months thereafter, I was still determined to not fail…just keep moving!
I met Mark and Nick from Max Muscle SOJO in August and that’s when, with their expertise, I was able to break through my current state and reach the next level. They were able to tailor a nutrition plan specifically for me that included Max Muscle supplements.
I also fell in love with the InBody 230 because it gave me the motivation to set realistic goals and not give up. I have been working with them for the last 6 months now and have lost an additional 7% body fat with focusing on balanced nutrition and beneficial workouts. I will reach my goal of 18% total body fat (down from 43%) and continue to gain lean body mass with their help. I am staying with Max Muscle all of the way. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE been healthier than I am today and I plan on only becoming healthier and stronger.
Thanks Max Muscle!”


“Ever since I was mistaken for being pregnant by a co-worker, I was determined to change my life. I owe so much to the certified nutrition coach at my local Max Muscle who not only gave me the plan to achieve my goals, but helped me along the way!“

Amanda Freeseman
Champlin, MN

“My belief growing up was that not eating was the way to lose weight. I would start a diet with very little to eat only to set myself up for a binge. This was my life cycle until I was put on a Max Muscle Nutrition Meal Plan. The plan has changed my old way of thinking in fact I eat more and have received life changing benefits and results. I now know that I need to fuel my body with the right combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats daily for my body to produce results. Before starting the plan I was having stomach problems where my intestines were twisting and knotting up due to the binging. Since I have been on the plan I no longer have the stomach problems and my doctor said I had added years to my life.”

David Calhoun
Wilmington, NC

“If you’re looking for results like I have, the first step is through a proper nutrition consultation. I got my questions answered and talked to coaches that truely cared about my short and long term goals. Emerge became my morning coffee and gets my mind set. It gives me clean energy, keeps me focused, and at the same time helps burn fat and keeps me full due to the fiber. This also helped to curb my appetite.”

David Calhoun Sr.
Wilmington, NC

“It has been such an honor representing Max Muscle as the 2011 MaxForm Life Challenge Champion. That experience has brought me a life-changing attitude towards health and fitness. If you are picking up a Max Sports & Fitness magazine for the first time and you are trying to decide if Max Muscle is the tool you want to choose to change your life, I can tell you from first-hand experience this is the way to go.”

Don Dona
Rowlett, TX

“I use Max Lean and MaxPro for proteins, Max Glutamine, Max EFA, Vit-Acell Energy, Max Liqui-Carn, Quadra Cuts, Full Blown Extreme and Emerge. With each pound I’ve lost I’ve found another piece of me that had been forgotten or was broken! This momma is back!”

Ingri Degroote
Battle Ground, WA

“Before my nutrition plan from Max Muscle, I had tried everything out there to lose weight. Trying to wade through all of the information available about calories, carbs, gluten, dairy, healthy fats, bad fats, protein, sodium, fasting, etc., is overwhelming. I would ride the rollercoaster of extreme low calorie or low carbohydrate dieting followed by extreme binging and all of the sudden the 10 pounds I lost while “dieting” was immediately followed with 15 pounds gained back. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck, always being on a diet, and, simultaneously, never reaching your goals.

When I walked into Max Muscle and saw their brochure for customized nutrition plans, I instantly knew this experience was going to be different. I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm by Steve Lucchino, my Max Muscle Certified Nutrition Specialist, and he developed a nutrition plan specifically for me based on my age, gender, height, weight, basal metabolic rate, body composition, activity level, daily schedule, food preferences and goals. He listened to my battles with food and began teaching me the basics of nutrition from ground up. With the Max Muscle Nutrition Plan, you’ll learn how different foods react in your body and understand the type of nutrients your body needs, in what quantities and at what times in order for your body and metabolism to function most efficiently. Having a scientifically based explanation for everything in the meal plan gave me confidence in the program and made it easier to stay focused and committed. I knew it wasn’t just another gimmick or fad because the physiology of digestion, the process of the food being utilized by my body, had been explained to me in detail and in a way I could understand. It is truly an educational approach to a maintainable, lifestyle change. ”

Jenny Broers
Fort Riley, KS

“This kind of weight loss cannot be done alone. And I have a large debt due to so many. I slowly began to be convinced of the truth that they were speaking. A Max Muscle Sports Nutrition ‘Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach’ laid the basic foundation of eating right for me and recommended several vital Max Muscle supplements that would assist me in my goals.”

Maria Adelus
Los Gatos, CA

“I may be 41 years old, been 205lbs & the mother of 3 kids, but I am UNSTOPPABLE! I can keep up with or do better than the young 20 somethings in the gym. I can do this because I have set my mind to it! LET’S DO THIS!”

Jolynn Reddon
Las Vegas, NV

“At the age of 39 I was feeling miserable as a result of being overweight. I never wanted to leave the house because I wasn’t satisfied with the way I looked or felt. My self-confidence was really low. I had tried what seemed like every diet out there and had failed at them all. I would hide from the camera if anyone was taking a picture. I had felt like I had hit rock bottom.

I had to make a huge change in my life and I had to do it now. I decided one day to drive 3 hours to go to a Max Muscle store after seeing how they had helped a friend of mine get control of her life back. I wanted that!

The very first day of being on my meal plan and taking my Max Muscle products I felt so great. I had had so much more energy after the first week. I was exercising everyday now and starting to enjoy life again. I knew this was the right path for me because I was learning how to take care of my body the right way. I lost a total of 44 pounds and gained lots of muscle. I feel so good and finally have enough energy to keep up with my children. Most of all I feel like me again.

I absolutely love Max Muscle products and will never stop taking them.”

Vicki Paola
Hermiston, OR

“September 27th 2013 I posted on Facebook, “Thinking about joining the 2014 Maxformation Challenge. Should I…Should I not? It would take A LOT more commitment and dedication.” One comment stuck out. Commit! It was then that I experienced the turning point! Wow!”

Crissy Cantu
Laredo, TX

“The results are just as I hoped. My Hormones are under control through diet and exercise resulting in PCOS symptoms subsiding. My cholesterol levels are all in the normal range :) Ive dropped a fabulous 23 lbs. Gain a ton of muscle. Ive completed a 15K of hills, cycled 105 miles, completed a sprint Triathlon, and most importantly learned how to eat from my MaxMuscle nutritionist Stacey. I could not have completed those events as easily without proper nutrition. I need to thank my support team at Bold Training they helped train me for success. A big shout out to my fellow Team mates Missy and Jen for being by my side through this incredible journey. My Wonderful Husband for keeping me grounded and supporting me through this.”

Alysha Ford
Yacolt, WA

“I want to congratulate every one else who gave it their all and hung in there determined to improve their lifestyle and health condition . No matter how big or small the change was, it was a step in the right direction. For that I commend you all, so let’s stay on track and keep going down this path! Because we all know this road will take us to a better.happier and healthier place then the road we were previously traveling down ! Always rember and don’t ever forget PumpPumpPump!”

Alvin Cooper
Dunnigan, CA

“Motivate the mind; the body will follow”

Amber Bohnstengel
Des Moines, IA

“Very honored to have been among the top 20 finalist! Congrats to all of you for your accomplishments!”

Casey Richardson
Huson, MT

“This is not a diet, his is a lifestyle change without an expiration date. I have come a long way, have a long way to go and am enjoying the ride along the way. Learning about my body inside and out and learning about the Max Muscle products and what they can and have done for me is very exciting. I’m happy sharing it with family and friends. Love the Max Muscle Family, they are supportive and amazing people and have already made life-changing transformations!! So proud of everyone!”

Sherry Bedoya
Dixon, CA

“I am still in awe that I was of the top 20 in the MaxForm Challenge. It is just crazy! I am so grateful and am so happy with how far I have come.”

Missy Baldwin
Battle Ground, WA